We Are Now The 4th Generation

- since 1956 -

Soon Hing Cheong Ginsenv Sdn.Bhd. is the leading and most trusted Traditional Chinese Herbs
Selling Company in Kaula Lumpur Since 1956.

The most well known and effective herbs we are seeling is the widely used Lord of Herbs, Porcupine
Dates(Jian Zhu Zao),which have widely used traditionally for treating severe or
improving condition of diseases such as dengue or cancer etc.

We also have an in house Tcm physician, which provide consulation herbal prescription.

Our Company Specialty

Porcupine Dates

Lord of the herbs, Porcupine Date. It is the bezoar stone in the stomach of Malayan Porcupine. It is very effective against acute diseases such as inflammation, operation, and dengue. If you have emergencies, remember to come find us!

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Herb Shop

We also established our retail store at 1956.From then on,we had switched our business model from whole sale to retail of traditional chinese herbs.We also provide Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor consulation.

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Oriental Bowl restaurant provide everybody a classical and artistic environment to dine, rest, and discuss business in this busy city. You can get a healthy lunch and a nourishing soup while you are recharging from your work.

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Bird Nest

Bird Nests are created by swiftlets using their solidifying saliva. They have very high nutritional and protein value. Pluck straight from the high mountain caves beside the seas around Indonesia. Bird nests have the effect of moisturizing and revitalizing your whole body with the proteins.

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When the ghost moth larvae went into hibernation in winder, the Cordyceps fungus landed on it and grew into a grass in the summer. It shows excellent beneficiary effects on lungs and the kidneys.

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Soup Pack

Ten tonic soup, Chicken Ginseng Soup, Eight Treasure soup, and more have been prepared for you! All you need to do is put in the double boiler in your home, and your family can enjoy the warm, delicious soup.

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